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Press Release – The Mitchell Institute Announces New Host for the Aerospace Advantage Podcast

The Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies is pleased to announce that Heather “Lucky” Penney, a Mitchell Institute Senior Fellow and former F-16 fighter pilot, will serve as the new host for the Aerospace Advantage podcast. Since its launch four years ago, the Aerospace Advantage has grown into a leading source for airpower and spacepower insights with featured guests ranging from top military leaders from around the globe to Airmen and Guardians at the operational level, plus the technology experts who innovating tomorrow’s national security solutions.

The Mitchell Institute offers a most sincere thanks to John “Slick” Baum for serving as the Aerospace Advantage host from the beginning. He literally helped invent the vision for the podcast and excelled in stewarding its growth. His experience as a Weapons School instructor, combat fighter pilot, Thunderbird, and airpower advocate were instrumental in helping our audience better understand the trends that are shaping airpower and spacepower. Baum will remain engaged with the podcast as a special contributor.

“Slick has done a phenomenal job growing the Aerospace Advantage and making it a vital resource for anyone seeking to understand air and space power,” said Lt Gen David Deptula, USAF (Ret.), Dean of the Mitchell Institute.” We can’t thank him enough for his contributions and look forward to hearing from him as a special correspondent.”

“I’m also thrilled to welcome Heather Penney as our new host,” Deptula continued. “Not only is she one of the nation’s top defense analysts, but her time as a fighter pilot and countless hours in vintage types ranging from the B-17 to the P-51 and Stearman provide her with an incredible set of perspectives that she’s excited to share with the Aerospace Advantage audience. Bottom line—she’s going to be incredible.”

The Aerospace Advantage podcast episodes center upon conversations with leaders in the DOD, industry, and other subject matter experts to explore the intersection of strategy, operational concepts, technology, and policy when it comes to air and space power.

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